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What do you think of destiny so far? Like a slightly detailed class review/content enjoyment/cost v enjoyment plot trajectory. You know, the usual stuff

Here we go..

So at first I was skeptical about the ‘online only’ thing since I had never played xbox live consistently. I never wanted a game that I had to continue to pay for after I bought it, but I actually prefer it now. We get instant updates, instant fixes, they are constantly releasing new content, and there are different special things to do based off of the day. It keeps you interested. 

The campaign was a lot of fun, but it’s on interesting set up. The campaign as a whole is sort of what you do to prepare for the “real game.” There’s a level cap at 20, and the campaign is designed to get you to that point. After 20, you can still level up, but it’s in a different way that you do by playing multiplayer or cooperative missions. Much more emphasis is put on competitive multiplayer than the campaign. 

The classes are good ad I think very evenly matched. I was nervous at first picking the Warlock class singe its a well known fact that the Warlock is always very powerful but very weak. But all classes have a base amount of health and equal opportunity for getting good armor. No class has an attack/defense bonus so everyone is on level playing ground. 

There is an interesting class aspect in that whatever class you pick, you can choose between two subclasses (though you only unlock tho option for your second one at level 15) but what I really like is that you can freely switch between the two. You aren’t stuck in one once you choose it. You can actually skill up each of them independently. This is great for certain classes like the Titan who has a subclass geared towards attack and a subclass geared toward support of teammates. So when I play with Mike on multiplayer, that’s what he equips. 

So for my gripes:

The servers aren’t 100% reliable. You can get kicked off and there are a TON of loading screens. Loading takes up a lot of time in the game. The matchmaking system is also a bit flawed. When you choose to play multiplayer, there is a chance that you will be dropped into a match rather than starting one with teammates. You drop into matches where people have quit mid match, usually because they are losing, so if you drop into a match, there’s a very good chance that you’re losing by a lot. 

The matchmaking is interesting in that it scales everyone to a base level. So in the campaign, my gun does 230 damage, but in matchmaking, if I’m fighting a level 6 person with a 90 damage gun, we have equal footing, but it can’t really scale back abilities. Being over level 20, you have unlocked a ton of abilities and the game can’t really take those away from you. Multiplayer kind of offers the scaling back system to solve for skill differences since everyone starts on equal footing, but it’s not perfect. Putting a level 4 person and a level 25 person in a match together is still going to be flawed since the 25 person has been playing a lot longer. They are going to have developed a skill set that the low level person doesn’t have, so it’s not fair even if they do start on equal footing. 

There are a few abilities that I think are a bit overpowered. For warlock and titan, each of them have an attacking subclass and more of a support subclass. The attacking subclass is great. The special is a one hit area kill for anyone near. But the hunter has two attacking subclasses. BOTH are mobile one hit kills i.e. they can run around and one hit kill everyone. I don’t think that’s very fair since I am limited to killing those people around me and I usually don’t even get to pull it off since I get killed if there are a lot of people around me. 

There are also a TON of currencies that are hard to keep up with. There is the base currency (Glimmer) that you can use for basic stuff. Then there are strange coins which are also a form of currency but you can only use them on this one guy that randomly appears sometimes. Then you earn crucible points, vanguard points, and clan points that you can use to buy better things, but you also have to earn crucible, vanguard, and clan reputation that you ALSO need in order to buy the same things. And progress for reputation is incredibly slow, especially since you start out on rank 0. And specifically for the crucible (multiplayer), you can only earn 100 points a week while one piece of armor can run you 160 points and rank 3 reputation. To put that in perspective, I am on level 24 and still have not gotten to rank 1 in vanguard reputation. So basically, they expect you to play a ton in order to get he best perks, but then they limit how much you can play. It can be frustrating and disheartening to know that I won’t have any good loot for another few weeks. 

Overall, I like it. I think it’s a ton of fun and I play it a lot. There are some issues, but I can rest assured that the fix will be immediate instead of having to wait for a patch or an expansion. I’d recommend it if you are a Halo, Borderlands, or basic RPG fan.