You have a very nice smile.

It makes me so frustrated when I see all of the “go here to get free textbooks for school!” links. I have never had any luck with those. Not once. And now I’m looking for a textbook and that continues to be the trend. Ugh!

Does anyone else got uncomfortable when you’re in line at Subway and the person in front of you gets all of the disgusting toppings you don’t like? 

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What do you have against the word "queer"?


I have a problem with being called queer not the word itself. I knew I was gay around 6th grade, pretty early compared to some people. And knowing my sexuality at such a young age I didn’t have as much of the background knowledge that other people had. I didn’t know the history of gay slurs but I knew the word queer then. I was first exposed to the word queer at an even younger age. Winnie the Pooh uses the word queer as does many other children’s books. I grew up with the general definition of queer:


So when I came to college and all of a sudden everyone was calling me queer I was so shocked. By then I knew that it was a slur, a way to dehumanize lgbtq+ people by calling them odd, freakish, unnatural. 

With more education, I got a better history of the word and how it is a reclaimed word now, which is great. I’m glad that people are taking away the slur aspect of it. However, that does not erase the above definition.

There are many people who identify as queer because they embrace this concept of being subversive, it helps them separate themselves from a heteronormative world and being different than that world is the best way they can describe themselves. And that is fine.

I personally don’t like being called queer because I reject referring to myself as strange or odd. To me homosexuality is normal because I am homosexual. Using the word queer to define a community in my opinion is dehumanizing and a byproduct of a lack of terminology for lgbtq+ people. You wouldn’t refer to all woman under the reclaimed word b**** or black people under the reclaimed word n*****. But, we needed a term to describe this vastly diverse group of people and the powers that be decided on queer.

I’m very big on connotations of words. Many words have negative connotations in English and aren’t used as such. And this can be damaging because as tumblr points out all the time words have power.

I will say that I don’t speak for the lgbtq+ community even though I’m a part of it. This is just how I feel on this issue. I would love to see a better word become an umbrella term for lgbtq+ people. And distinctions being made between gender and sexuality. But, it’s hard to get everyone to agree.

This is exactly what I have always thought about the term “queer.” I acknowledge that it means something different when used in the LGBT context and I’d never tell people to stop using it, but it personally doesn’t sit right with me and I do not use it.